Proyecto Alter Boccherini

The Alter Boccherini project is the result of three intense doctoral years at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA) focused on the study of the six quintets for flute and string G37-442, attributed to Luigi Boccherini. The only existing source are handwritten parts preserved in the General Archive of the Royal Palace of Madrid. The analysis of these manuscripts reveals important data for their authorship. The sixth quintet, for example, was subsequently annexed: paper, ink and typeface differ from the previous five quintets. However, as our concert will reveal, there is a clear interest in preserving a unity among the six pieces. Are we then facing two authors? Boccherini’s name is written by a second hand on one of the covers.

These classic quintets were originally written for flute, violin, viola, cello solo, and basso continuo, which was probably performed by a second cello. It is a very peculiar and interesting instrumentation. The three solo instruments, the flute, the violin, and the cello, provide a wide range of colors and nuances. Can we then say that Luigi Boccherini composed all or any of these quintets? Join us on this musical evening and you will draw your own conclusions.